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loyola shotgun

Wiki User Yes, Loyola shotguns are from Spain. I bought a 20 gauge double new in It is a Lucio Loyola and was imported by Jana. It is a very nice little gun. Ignacius of Loyola of Spain.

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Ignatius of Loyola born? Asked in Saints When was St. He was born inLoyola, Castile Spain. December 24th, Asked in Saints Where is the burial site of Ignatius of Loyola? San Sabistian, Spain. Asked in Firearms Why people get shot by guns? They don't. Asked in Spain Are stun guns legal in Spain? It is legal to use stun guns in Spain.These days, when a knowledgeable shotgunner says "Spanish Shotguns," chances are they are referring to guns made by four small manufacturers in the Basque region of Northern Spain.

All four are centered on the small cities of Eibar and Elgoibar, the heart of Spanish gunmaking. None of these are major arms producers and none have a particularly long history in their present form. They are all small specialty shops with few employees maybe a dozen on average that make mostly bespoke shotguns essentially by hand. Grulla, for example, is 19 craftsmen that produce around guns per year. These are not the only shotgun makers in Spain, but they are the firms that turned the reputation of Spanish shotguns completely around.

For while today Spanish best guns are considered by connoisseurs to be among the best in the world, in my youth Spanish guns were regarded with suspicion, even disdain. This was because in the 's there was a niche market in the United States for cheap double guns.

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The mass market in those days was for repeating shotguns as it still is and what market there was for middle and high priced double guns was already overcrowded by American, British, Belgian and Italian guns.

The Spanish economy was still struggling to recover from the debilitating Spanish Civil War that preceded WW II and, ruled by the only surviving Fascist government in Europe, laboring under the weight of international censure. There was room at the bottom of the price structure and American distributors paid the largest Spanish gun makers to produce economy doubles.

The Spanish gun companies desperately needed cash flow and were in no position to turn down orders, so cheap guns is what they built. Before long, although it was far from the truth, the average American shooter thought that all the Spanish could build was cheap guns.

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Unfortunately for the Spanish makers who mass-produced inexpensive shotguns, as the years went by manufacturers in South America, Eastern Europe and Turkey were able to undercut their prices. Eventually, the market for double guns turned around and quality became more important than price. The large Basque gunmakers who had misjudged the market by concentrating on inexpensive guns went under and the few surviving specialty shops began their ascent to international respectability.

They tightened their lines, dropped their lower grade guns and concentrated on building fine side-by-side shotguns of the kind in which they passionately believed. The Basques have always had close trading ties with Britain and Basque gunmakers traditionally saw the classic British side-by-side game gun as the ultimate expression of the gunmakers' art. This was a gun that they could build as well as anyone in the world and they set out to prove it.

It took years of hard work and their individual company histories are turbulent and varied, but today the Basque gunmakers named in the second paragraph of this article are rightfully ranked with the best in the world.

The Spanish nation and its economy have made great strides since the 's and today Spain is a Constitutional Monarchy and a member of the European Union. With increased prosperity has come higher labor costs and higher prices. Good Spanish guns are no longer inexpensive, although they are still substantially cheaper than equivalent British and Italian best guns, their two main competitors in the luxury sidelock double gun market. However, it is understood in the trade that all three guns are in the same general class and that alone represents a tremendous achievement by the Basque gunmakers.

That speaks volumes about the status that the fine Spanish guns have achieved in the birthplace of the best gun. The typical Spanish best gun is a sidelock side-by-side game gun with chopper-lump barrels. Assisted opening is offered, as are various rib styles, barrel lengths, chokes, metal finishes, etc. Straight hand stocks are preferred, as are splinter forends, although a pistol grip and beavertail can be ordered. Stock measurements are made to order. Hand checkering in a conventional point pattern is standard, but stock carving and other checkering patterns are available by special order.

Checkered butt faces are the norm, but any sort of butt plate or pad can be provided.

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Bulino and other engraving styles can be provided, as well as gold or other precious metal inlays. Inside, the lock parts are usually mirror polished, engine turned, or gold plated.

Attention to detail inside the action, which customers ordinarily never see, is one of the hallmarks of a best gun. Note the balance and lively handling characteristics, finish, metal to metal and wood to metal fit, arcaded fences, hand engraving, fine line checkering and high grade walnut stock with a hand rubbed oil finish.

You don't have to be a shotgun authority to understand that you are not just holding a fine gun, but also a functional work of art. Grulla builds only sidelock ejector doubles.Comments characters remaining.

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loyola shotgun

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I just picked up this little gem, a Lucio loyola sidelock of production. The gun has hardly seen any use and is a delightful handling gun. Posted: Thu Oct 25, pm. Great find!!!

loyola shotgun

Yes, it's a 12 gauge. In when I was a young lad, the first shotgun I bought with my own money was a Loyola 20 gauge boxlock. And for that I got walnut wood, sideclips, greener style crossbolt, double under lugs, engraving and recoil pad. I still have that gun and will never sell it. For some reason this sidelock just had to give it some companionship.

Posted: Fri Oct 26, am. I understand where you're coming from; I like guns by Lucio Loyola too. Here is a Loyola, proof year A pigeon gun made for Trust Eibarres. Loyola was fond of using locks and barrels made by AyA, and the AyA mark can be seen on both locks and barrels of this gun. I just sold this gun, but have a couple other Loyolas and wouldn't hesitate to buy another. Quite the nice old sidelock. Do you know when Loyola started making shotguns? I'd love to find a. Posted: Fri Oct 26, pm.

Proof year was P1, condition was about mint. I don't know what it finally sold for, but it was a pretty gun. There are currently three very nice Spanish.Remember Me?

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What's New? Forum Gunboards. Results 1 to 3 of 3. Thread: Jana-Denver Loyola Spanish made 3" 20 gauge sxs questions. Join Date Dec Posts Jana-Denver Loyola Spanish made 3" 20 gauge sxs questions. I have the opportunity to buy a nice looking side by side 20 gauge and don't know much about the model. The gun is overall in great shape with just a very few light handling marks on the wood and metal just about perfect, even the case colored action, only the recoil pad is crumbling and will need to be replaced, but a small thing to me.

I have a number of shotguns but this would be my first 20 gauge and I'm wondering if this is a decent model and what would be a reasonable offer as I've seen prices all over the place for these online. Any and all input is appreciated. It depends on who made it. Jana Denver Co. Lucio Loyola is a C. The barrel flats may also be marked but may have another maker. Loyola was a modestly priced but fairly decent gun.

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Just check that the bore is clean, it locks up tight on face with the lever to the right, and that it was properly stocked so that the wood isn't checked or crushed around the inletting. Thanks jjk, it is definitely a Loyola and both tubes are mirror shiny with no pitting whatsoever. It has the Greener cross bolt, a box lock, and side clips and locks up tight as can be. Also the website you gave is great, thanks much. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved.

Privacy Policy.Ignatius is remembered as a talented spiritual director. He recorded his method in a celebrated treatise called the Spiritual Exercisesa simple set of meditationsprayers, and other mental exercisesfirst published in Ignatius was beatified inand then canonizedreceiving the title of Saint on 12 March His feast day is celebrated on 31 July. He is the patron saint of the Basque provinces of Gipuzkoa and Biscay as well as the Society of Jesus, and was declared patron saint of all spiritual retreats by Pope Pius XI in Ignatius is also a foremost patron saint of soldiers.

His diplomacy and leadership qualities earned him the title "servant of the court", which made him very useful to the Duke. But at the Battle of Pamplona in he was gravely injured when a French-Navarrese expedition force stormed the fortress of Pamplona on 20 Mayand a cannonball ricocheting off a nearby wall shattered his right leg.

In the end, these operations left his right leg shorter than before. Hospitals in those days were run by religious orders, and the reading material available to bedridden patients tended to be selected from scripture or devotional literature.

It also inspired his method of meditation, since Ludolph proposes that the reader place himself mentally at the scene of the Gospel story, visualising the crib at the Nativity, etc. This type of meditation, known as Simple Contemplation, was the basis for the method that St. Ignatius would promote in his Spiritual Exercises. Cautiously he came to realize the after-effect of both kinds of his dreams. He experienced a desolation and dissatisfaction when the romantic heroism dream was over, but, the saintly dream ended with much joy and peace.

It was the first time he learned about discernment.


There, he carefully examined his past sinsconfessedgave his fine clothes to the poor he met, wore a "garment of sack-cloth", then hung his sword and dagger at the Virgin 's altar during an overnight vigil at the shrine. From Montserrat he walked on to the nearby town of Manresa Cataloniawhere he lived for about a year, begging for his keep, and then eventually doing chores at a local hospital in exchange for food and lodging.

For several months he spent much of his time praying in a cave nearby [22] where he practiced rigorous asceticismpraying for seven hours a day, and formulating the fundamentals of his Spiritual Exercises. These repetitive visions appeared as "a form in the air near him and this form gave him much consolation because it was exceedingly beautiful He received much delight and consolation from gazing upon this object He remained there from 3 to 23 September but he was sent back to Europe by the Franciscans.

He returned to Barcelona and at the age of thirty-three began to attend a free public grammar school to prepare himself for entrance to a university.

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There he encountered some women who had been called before the Inquisition. These women were considered alumbrados Illuminated, Illuminati, or Enlightened Ones — a group that was linked in their zeal and spirituality to Franciscan reforms, but had incurred mounting suspicion on the part of the administrators of the Inquisition. He arrived during a period of anti-Protestant turmoil which forced John Calvin to flee France. Very soon after his arrival Ignatius had gathered around him six key companions, all of whom he had met as fellow students at the University.

Peter Faber, a young man from Savoy in the south of France, and Francis Xavier, a nobleman from the eastern end of the Basque country, were his first roommates, [14] and would become his closest associates in founding the Jesuit order. Later, they were joined by Francis Borgiaa member of the House of Borgiawho was the main aide of Emperor Charles Vand other nobles. Ignatius obtained a master's degree from the University of Paris at the age of forty-three.

In later life he was often called "Master Ignatius" because of this. Ignatius was chosen as the first Superior General of the order and invested with the title of Father General by the Jesuits. Ignatius sent his companions as missionaries around Europe to create schools, colleges, and seminaries.Mossberg Shotgun Owners Manual.

Loyola 12ga Shotgun, Double Barrel. Trinity ammo pouch for Mossberg shockwave shotgun 12 ga shell holder hunting. Trinity ammo pouch for Remington Tac14 shotgun 12 gauge shell holder hunting. Magnum Split Band 0. Iver Johnson Single Barrel 12 Ga.

Up for auction is a Loyola 12ga shotgun parts, double barrel. Bore's are bright and shiny. Ser xx. Thanks, Slinks gun parts. GS 4 This listing is in full compliance with all eBay rules and regulations related to all firearms and parts. We list NO frames or receivers. No uppers or lowers. No kits to build a firearm.

We do not offer for sale any of the following: magazine extenders, sears, silencers or grenade launchers. We do not sell any magazine that holds more then 10 rounds. Please do not ask us to take out one part for sale this takes time and money you can buy the parts and easily resell the parts you do not need thank you.

If we wanted less for our items we would have started these items off for less!!!!!. We do not know if parts are interchangeable. It is always best to only buy parts that are specifically for your gun.